The Top 6 Benefits Of Vaporizing Marijuana

marijuana vaporizerWhile there are plenty of alternatives methods of consuming weed, vaping has proved to be the most healthy and efficient. It might be a bit costly compared to other traditional methods, but there are a number of reasons why you should consider using this high technology device.

1. Good For Your Lungs

Marijuana is not bad for you, but smoking anything in your body can be detrimental to your health especially the lungs. However, all the negative effects of weed to the lungs are eliminated through the process of vaporization. Instead of the flames combusting hence creating some harmful toxins, the vape takes weed to its boiling point, where you acquire all the benefits from the THC without necessarily burning anything at all.

2. It’s Cleaner With Minimum Maintenance

You will not have to deal with any resin like you do in bongs and bowls since it doesn’t need an ashtray or clean up. Vaporization is one of the cleanest ways of ingesting marijuana. It also helps to maintain the proper condition of your device even after using it for years.

3. It’s More Cost Effective

It might be a bit costly to purchase a vaporizer, but in the long term, it will be more cost effective. This is because you only need to burn some little amount to get just as high. Also, according to research, vaporizers can convert up to 46 percent of the available THC to vapor. On the other hand, the average Marijuana can only convert 26 percent. If you want to save even more money, research has it that you can use your leftovers to cook some edibles.

4. Health Benefits

By vaporizing Marijuana using a low temperature than combustion, the device gives out a vapor that still contains some medical benefits of Marijuana. Vaporizing pot is said to remove up to 95 percent of the smoke that one can potentially inhale.

5. Its Low Key and You can Virtually Smoke Anywhere

Vaporizing Marijuana has no major annoying smell that can irritate people in public. However, there is still a slight smell that you should take into consideration. Through the vaporization process, the smell from the process is more of burnt popcorns. Portable vaporizers are very convenient, and you can carry them with you anywhere you go. With the feature of controlling temperature, you have the power of controlling how much vapor you produce and how high heat goes.

6. Has a Great Feeling

There is no bad feeling than having the after effects of smoking while you are doing some strenuous physical activity. Vaporization prevents such occurrences and will help you to live a more active and productive life. It helps you to be free from coughing and shortness of breath in everything else you do.

Bottom Line

Vaporization has gained a lot of popularity among pot lovers in recent days. The reason for its popularity is the amazing benefits that come with it compared to other traditional methods. Vaping has also been approved by leading doctors all over the world as a safe way of consuming weed. If you are thinking of getting yourself a vaporizer today, then I can guarantee you that is a wise decision.

The Best Vape Pens For Dabbing Wax And Shatter

Wax vaporizer has witnessed a tremendous increase in its popularity among smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional smoking. These vaporizers are designed with rare to find materials like ceramics, titanium and quartz which contribute to the efficiency of these vape pens. Better overall dependability, extended battery life and advanced temperature control are some of the reasons why these vaporizer pens have been gaining immense popularity among users to who want to enjoy vaping wax concentrates. These wax pens are very reliable and powerful as you can use it for vaping shatter as it is also known for its discretion and portability. Hence you have the opportunity of expanding your dab horizons to great outdoors as you no longer have to be limited to the confines of your home. This portable device can be used anywhere as you can carry it with you for vaping in a discreet manner with the high quality best wax shatter vape pens. The use of shatter is far more beneficial as you will not have any harmful effects that you get from the traditional smoking methods.



There are a large number of wax vaporizers that are available in the market bout you will need to look for the best vape pen so that you can have an enhanced smoking experience. Some of the most popular vape pens include-

DipStick- it is a completely different vaporizer as compared to the other kinds of product as it offer you a completely different way to dab. It is considered as a no mess solution that is different from the traditional pen vaporizers as you will not have to be concerned about the sticky art of dabbing. Rather than making use of the convectional atomizer, you will need to load the concentrates into the ceramic dish or coil and the best feature of this vape pen is the unique protruding coils atomizer that allows you to dip directly into your shatter or wax. Hence you can easily eliminate the hassles and mess that you might have to face when you make use of the traditional vape pens. DipStick is known to be far more superior as compared to its competitors as it makes use of inverted inhalation method wherein the mouthpieces is in the opposite end of unit. Hence it allows the vapor more time for cooling before you inhale it so that you will have a cooler and less harsh rips.

CloudPen 3.0- it is a vape pen that is popular among every dab concentrates connoisseur as it is especially designed with original elips-style wax pens that is far more versatile and powerful as compared to its predecessors. It is considered as an advanced wax vaporizer that offers double dab time with twice the amount of juice that is facilitated with its powerful battery. Other beneficial features of this vaporizer is the best quality glass globe attachment, hand wrapped titanium coils and powerful ceramic rod atomizer. It also has atomizer for vaping dry herb so that you can enjoy wax concentrates as well as flower with one device.



Marijuana Concentrates

San Diego Marijuana Concentrates

marijuana concentrates

Wax. The main reason why BHO or butane honey oil is referred to as wax is because if it is made correctly, it will have a “waxy” consistency rather than an oily consistency. The reference to honey is the amber color BHO wax concentrate looks before it is cured. THC and CBD wax marijuana concentrate requires a medium for medication. Luckily a thorough glass extraction process using ultra-pure butane results in the breakdown of the plant material, providing a safe, carcinogen-free protein based medium. Plant material is made of approximately 30% cellulose, which is comprised of lipids, an internal component of each individual plant cell wall. These lipids are water insoluble, which give BHO wax marijuana concentrate it’s oily or waxy consistency. It’s important to note that if there is no humidity during the curing process, the BHO will be “sticky” instead of manageable like soft wax.

Benefits. The major benefit of wax marijuana concentrate is you’re simply medicating with active cannabis ingredients. This allows San Diego patients to use so much less cannabis to have the same desired effects or treatment. Concentrated wax BHO is the only way to remove all known carcinogens associated with inhaling regular flower smoke. The necessary dosage for a strong wax marijuana concentrate is only the size of a “match head”; which allows patients to possess smaller amounts that last weeks if not months longer. Your average patient with average chronic symptoms or ailments might consume 1oz of medical marijuana each month, but 1oz of wax marijuana concentrate would last over a year. If any San Diego cannabis patient verified with SoCal Relief needs wax marijuana concentrate, but does not have the correct equipment to make it themselves properly, can be provided free samples each month or we can make it for you with flowers you provide. This allows patients to eliminate all the costs associated with glass BHO extraction materials. Patients can provide excess bag shake or flowers through our 420 Trade program. For details on that program, please contact SoCal Relief directly if you’re not already a patient member.

Hash. Most patients in San Diego are used to associating marijuana concentrate with hash. Hash is not much more concentrated than regular flowers because it is exclusively made with low THC trim from harvest. Many times there is no CBD content, which nearly eliminates all the medicinal properties of the marijuana concentrate. Anyone who has tried hash knows that it most closely resembles a charcoal, especially when lit. Hash burns the way it does because it is a unique form of resinated marijuana. Those that have trimmed medical marijuana knows there is a similar accumulation of hash (also known as “bubble hash”) on scissors or clippers. Eliminating the CBD content of marijuana will change the effects dramatically, but does not mean it is by any means stronger or more potent.

SoCal Relief is committed to providing patients legal, convenient access to Carlsbad medical marijuana from the comfort of your home. We comply with all compassionate care guidelines in accordance with California State laws.

Our online verification and ordering process is the easiest in the industry. We believe in not only offering the medical marijuana Carlsbad community the best medicine but also industry leading customer service. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist patients seven days a week with any question about how our San Diego marijuana delivery service operates.